Should You Choose Full Roof Replacement? Times When It's Best

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When you're having problems with your home's roof, you will probably be faced with two options from your roofing contractor. You will need to decide if you want to install new roofing over the top of what's there or if you want a full roof replacement. There are a few key times when you should opt for a proper roof replacement instead of roofing over the material that's already there. Here are some things that you should know.

Has There Already Been A Roof-Over?

When you have the roof evaluated by a roofing contractor, they can tell you how many layers of roofing material there are on your home. In most areas, you can only have two layers of roofing material and still meet building codes. That means that, if there's already been a roof-over on your home, you will have no choice but to have all of the existing roofing material removed and a full roof replacement completed.

Is There A Leak?

If the cause of your roofing concerns is the presence of a leak, you need to opt for a full roof replacement. A leaky roof usually comes with issues within the sublayers as well as on the surface. If you don't address these issues the right way, you'll risk structural integrity problems, mold presence, and more. It's best to have the entire roofing structure stripped away and rebuilt to address any kind of leak issues.

Are You Concerned About Hidden Damage?

If you have recently bought the home and don't have any real knowledge of the roof's history, there may be cause for concern about the potential for hidden damage. Sometimes, issues under the roof's surface can be hidden by what seems like a structurally sound roof. Talk with your roofing contractor about your concerns because he or she can help you decide if it's the right situation for a full roof replacement.

Do You Want The Warranty And Peace Of Mind?

With a full roof replacement, you'll get a complete warranty on the materials, and most roofing contractors also include a warranty on labor if they install a whole new roof. That's another great reason to choose a full roof replacement instead of roofing over the existing material. You can have the peace of mind that, if something goes wrong, you have a warranty to fall back on.

Talk with your roofing contractor about your home's roof condition to see if a full replacement is the best solution. For more information, contact a company like 503  Roofing and Construction, LLC

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