2 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Service To Repair Your Business Building's Flat Roof

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After a season of severe storms, you or one of your maintenance staff may have inspected your building's flat roof and found evidence of damage. Whether you see puddles of water that are not draining or find rips in the top membrane, these issues need to be fixed before the roof starts leaking.

While you may be tempted to have your maintenance crew patch any areas of damage they find on the roof, you should reconsider and have a roofing professional take care of it instead. Below are a couple of reasons why you should hire a professional service to repair your business building's flat roof.

1. They Have the Experience Needed to Spot Other Areas on the Roof Besides the Obvious Ones That Need Repairs

One reason why you should hire a professional roofer to fix your business building's flat roof is that they have experience with finding problem areas. While you and your maintenance crew may see obvious signs of damage, such as overt ripping or large puddles of water, they know where to look for subtle or hidden signs of damage that you may miss.

When they inspect a flat roof, they look not only at the top membrane but also along the seams and outer edges. They also know how to check the underlying layers of the roof that provide insulation and drainage for damage.

2. They Can Ensure That the Underlying Cause of the Damage to the Roof Is Repaired to Prevent Recurring Issues

Once the roofing professionals inspect the roof for damage, and before they start fixing it, they will take it a step further and try to find the underlying cause of the damage. While rips and tears in the membrane were mostly likely sustained during a bad storm, dips causing water puddles are a sign of damage to the supporting structure of the roof combined with a drainage issue. 

Before they start making repairs to the surface-level damage, they will see if the drainage layer needs to be fixed or replaced, as well as check the insulation layer for deterioration. Once these underlying issues are repaired, they can then go to work on patching and repairing the membrane.

When you suspect that the flat roof on your business has been damaged, instead of having your own maintenance crew patch up any tears they find, you should have a roofer take care of the repairs. They have the experience needed to spot all trouble areas on the roof and can also fix the underlying causes of the damage to help prevent future problems. Contact a company that offers flat roofing repair services to speak to someone about setting up an appointment.   

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