3 Things To Ask A Roofer About Getting New Commercial Roofing Or A Coating For Your Building

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When a commercial roofing contractor tells you it's time for a new roof when they do a scheduled inspection, you have some decisions to make about what you'll do and the time frame that works best for your budget.

Your roofer might have ideas on how to deal with an old roof when you have a tight budget, and they'll know how soon you need to act based on the condition of your old roof. Here are some things you may want to discuss with a commercial roofer.

1. Whether A Coating Could Prolong The Roof's Life

If getting a new roof doesn't work because of the expense or because it's too disruptive at the time, talk to your roofer about having a coating applied over the old roof. This is sometimes possible, and it costs less than getting a new roof. Plus, it's less disruptive for your operations.

The type of coating chosen depends on the material your roof is made from so the two are compatible. Silicone is a popular option; it is a white coating that also reflects the sun. It goes over the surface of your old roof to create a watertight sealcoat that should last for many years.

A coating probably won't last as long as a new roof, but it's less expensive, so it may be worth the cost. The commercial roofing contractor will talk about the pros and cons to ensure you make the best decision about whether or not to get a roof coating.

2. Whether The New Roof Can Be Put On The Old One

Another option for getting new commercial roofing is to put the new roof over the top of the old roof. This spares you from having to tear off all the old roofing and dispose of it. That means less disruption and lower costs. The determining factor for whether this is possible is the amount of water damage the roof has.

Your roofer will probably do a moisture survey. If your roof doesn't have much moisture damage, the roofer may agree to add a new layer of roofing without removing the old roof. They'll compare costs for you and let you know of any disadvantages, so you'll feel confident you're making the right choice when you make your decision.

3. Whether Different Roofing Would Be Better

When you get new commercial roofing, you can choose between foam, plastic membrane, rubber membrane, and built-up roofing. If you want roofing that does a good job of reflecting the sun to prevent solar warming, you may want to switch to plastic membrane or foam roofing if you currently have rubber or built-up roofing.

If you've had to make a lot of repairs to your old roof over the years, you might want to switch to a more durable type of roofing. A roofing contractor can compare flat roofing options so that you understand the good and bad points of each before you make your decision.

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