3 Reasons A Bent Metal Roofing Panel Should Be Fixed Immediately

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Do you have a metal roof on your home? If so, you have one of the most durable, cost-effective types of roofing available for a residential property. However, as resilient as metal roofing panels can be, they can and do sustain damage during high winds. The metal panels can get bent and misshapen if the wind slips in and is strong enough to detach the panel from the roof frame.

While a bent metal roofing panel may not look like a major issue, this is actually a reason to contact a roof repair professional for help as soon as possible. Check out a few reasons a bent metal roofing panel should be addressed right away. 

1. A Bent Metal Roofing Panel Allows Water Penetration 

Metal roofing is the primary water barrier on your roof. Even though you may see a layer of substrate or protective paper under the panel that has been lifted and bent, this membrane may not be completely water-resilient. Therefore, if you do not have the panel repaired as quickly as possible, you could be leaving your home at risk of sustaining water damage when it rains. 

2. One Bent Panel Could Put Other Metal Panels At Risk 

When a metal roof is installed, the panel seams are butted together to create a seamless protective structure. When one panel is lifted from its position, this breaks that protective barrier and could lead the way for further damage to the rest of the materials. Wind can slip under other panels easier if one panel is not fastened securely in place. 

3. Bent Panels Can Usually Be Repaired Instead of Replaced 

If you are looking to save money, tending to a metal roofing panel that is bent as soon as possible is for the best. If you leave the panel as it is—still attached but bent in one area—there is a high likelihood that the panel will be fully detached with the next bout of wind. Most roofing panels can be repaired and refastened if they are caught before they have sustained excessive damage or have been completely ripped off the roof. 

Talk to a Roofing Contractor About Roof Repairs 

When it comes to tending to a damaged roof, it is always recommended to speak to a professional for advice. Reach out to a roofing repair contractor in your area that specializes in metal roofing for guidance you can trust. For more information on roof repair, contact a professional near you.

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