What Type Of Roof Looks Great With A Brick House?

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Brick homes are very beautiful and their beauty can also be enhanced if you install the right type of shingles on your roof. Roof shingles come in a variety of colors and styles. But you will want to be careful with the type of shingles you use.

Choose Neutral Colors

When in doubt, stick with a classic or neutral color. These colors look great and match various types of homes. Cool tones such as gray and earth tones can all pair well with various types of brick homes. You might want to add bricks that are bolder, but this only works on newer homes. With older homes, the more neutral tones look more natural. You can use warmer colors if you use tan, gold, or brown bricks.

Red bricks pair up well with gray, black, or brown shingles. Blue bricks go well with gray, black, or green shingles. Certain shades of green work well with white brick homes as well as gray or black.

Use a Color Visualizer

If you aren't sure how well the shingles will match your home, a color visualizer tool can help you. Some apps allow you to upload pictures of your home that allow you to see exactly how your home will look with a certain type of shingle color and the type of brick that your home has.

Check Out Your Neighborhood

Another way to determine what type of shingles you should install on your brick roof is to drive around your neighborhood to look at homes with simpler types of brick. 

If you live in an area where several homes have similar styles, you might want to choose shingles that are also the same style as the other buildings in your neighborhood. Otherwise, your home will look out of place and you might irritate your neighbors. 

Consider Your Climate

Your climate also determines what type of roof you should install. If you live in a warm climate, a brighter roof will reflect the sunlight and will make your home cooler. If you live in a colder climate, darker shingles will absorb the sun and make your home warmer.

The great thing about installing shingles on a brick home is that you are able to install an infinite variety of colors. You can truly make your home look unique. A simple way to find the right type of shingles for your home is to speak with a residential roofing contractor who will be able to give you several ideas.

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