Tile Roofing: It's Not All Terra Cotta

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When you hear the term "tile roof" you probably picture a roof made from orange-colored, terra cotta clay. But this is just one kind of tile roof. As tile roofing has become more sought-after, roofing manufacturers have begun using different, and in some cases better, materials for roof tile. Here are some other types of tile roofing worth considering for your home.

Metal Roof Tiles

Are you having trouble choosing between metal roofing and tile roofing? If so, choosing tiles made from metal might be the perfect compromise. Metal roof tiles offer the same reflective properties as a standard metal roof, so they help keep your AC bills down in the summer. They are also lighter than most other types of tile, making them an option for homes that can't support a heavy roof load. However, they still have that layered look that most people have come to love from a tile roof. Metal roof tiles are also eco-friendly; they can also be made from recycled materials and recycled again when you are done with them. 

Concrete Roof Tiles

If you want a really rugged tile roof but not one that has that orange clay color, you may want to consider concrete roof tiles. They are individually poured off-site, but they are all uniform shapes and sizes. You can find them in an array of colors, from black, to white, to bright green. Some people even create patterned tile roofs using multiple colors of concrete roof tiles. 

Concrete tiles are heavy, and like clay tiles, they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent algae growth. However, they are good insulators and offer incredible protection from falling branches, high winds, heavy rain, and hail.

Composite Roof Tiles

Composite roof tiles are basically halfway between a shingle and a tile. They are designed with the curved, cup shape of tiles, and they are harder than shingles. However, like shingles, they are made from a blend of synthetic and natural materials, usually including cement, wood fibers, and some petroleum products. Each brand has its own composite formula, so it's worth reading about a few options before picking one.

Composite roof tiles aren't quite as durable as clay or concrete ones, but they are lighter in weight and often easier to install. They may be less expensive, too.

Tile roofing is not all terra cotta. Consider the options above, and talk to a company such as Allcon Roofing to learn more about metal, concrete, and composite tile products.

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