What To Know About Roof Installation On A Fallen Roof Site

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There are many abandoned properties throughout the United States. There is also a surge in cities and townships offering up these properties on tax lien sales or in auctions. This helps the city by removing an eyesore. It also helps those looking for less expensive real estate to fix and enjoy or to fix and sell at a higher price for profit. One of the biggest issues with these homes is found with the roof. The roof lines have either collapsed or are on the verge of collapse. Here is what you need to know about roof installation on these fallen roof sites before you consider the properties.

Inspection for Wood Rot

The first thing you will need to have done is an inspection. In some cases, this can be done quickly. You are looking for what caused the roof to fall in and how far that damage goes. For example, if it is wood rot, you need to find out if the rot stops at the trusses or if it goes further along the walls. If the trusses are sturdy, you may be able to save them and have the roof installed over the existing base. However, if the trusses are affected they will need to be removed and new trusses placed before the roof installation can begin. 

Roof Decking

Depending on the age of the home, you may be facing insufficient roof decking. This could be made from scrap wood or from wood in the area that was available at the time. The roof decking should be removed and new roof decking put in its place. The decking should be of a material that is durable and suitable for the weather and environmental conditions. Many property owners choose to use roof decking that is either a heavy durable wood or steel. Your roofing contractor can make the right suggestion based on the initial inspection. 

Roofing Options

Before the final roofing installation is started, you will need to make several choices. These choices consist of the type of shingles you want to use, but also may include the pitch of the roof and guttering. You will need to take weather and irrigation or run off. Once you have made these choices, your roofing contractor can begin replacing and installing the roof. They can also discuss options that may reduce the chance of future roofing damage for the older home. 

These are just a few of the considerations to roof installation on a fallen roof site. Remember to consider all aspects of the roofing installation. This means considering not only the installation itself, but also your sources for the various materials you will need. If you find that new roofing installation is an option for your property renovation project, contact your roofing contractor. 

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