4 Traits That Make EPDM Roofing a Great Choice for Your Commercial Building

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One of the most common and popular roofing materials for commercial buildings is ethylene propylene diene monomer (EDPM) roofing material. This type of roofing is commonly called rubber roofing. There are many traits that make rubber roofing a great material for your commercial building, such as its flexibility, affordability, and its energy-efficient properties. 

#1: Flexible

One of the things that is great about rubber roofing is its flexibility. It can easily bend around structures on your roofs, such as skylines, pipes, and gutters. You don't have to worry about gaps or leaks around these roof protrusions as the material will seal and flex around the structure. This helps create a roof that is less prone to leaking.

#2: Temperature Resistant

With a rubber roof, you don't need to worry about extreme temperatures. The material is designed to withstand both extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures without the material being compromised. You will not have to worry about the material flexing or cracking due to the temperature changes.

#3: Energy-Efficient

More and more buildings are being built with energy-efficient materials to reduce their building's footprint on the environment.

EPDM roofs are a great way to increase the energy efficiency of an existing building. It is breathable and allows heat and vapor to escape from your building. This can help keep the building cool when it is hot outside. The materials are also designed to reflect heat away. With an EPDM roof, you don't have to worry about heat gain from your roof.

If you live in a cool environment, an EPDM roof can also be useful. It is a great insulator and will help to keep your building warm when it is cold outside.

#4: Affordable

Finally, rubber roofing is affordable, especially when you look at the overall cost of other commercial roofing materials such as PVC and TPO. Part of the reason for its affordability is that rubber roofing is easy to install, resulting in low labor costs. With low material and labor costs, rubber roofing material is a more affordable investment.

Suppose you want to enjoy an affordable roof that will improve your building's energy-efficiency, work with the protrusions on your top, and resist damages. In that case, you will want to talk to your contractor about installing EPDM rubber roofing on your commercial building. Talk to your roofing contractor, and get a quote for using this material today. 

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