2 Less Obvious Signs Your Shingled Roof Is Damaged

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At first glance, your roof may appear to be in pretty good shape without any overt signs of damage. However, although the overall appearance of the roof may lead you to believe that there are no issues, there are more subtle indicators that your roof may actually be severely damaged. Be on the lookout for the following less obvious signs that your home's shingled roof is damaged.

1.  Tiny Granules Appear in Your Gutters and on the Ground Directly Around Your House

The first less obvious sign that your shingled roof may have major damage is when tiny dark granules start appearing in your gutters and/or on the ground directly around your house. Unless you are specifically looking for these granules, it can be difficult to see them until they start to form large piles.

As part of the shingles' protective features, these granules are embedded in the surface to help with the drainage of water as well as shield the shingles from impact. Over time, these granules can be knocked loose and may even start falling off by themselves as the shingles deteriorate.

Either way, when the shingles start losing their granules, this is an indication that they are no longer fully shielding your home. More than likely, they will need to be replaced by a professional.

2.  Some Spots on Your Roof's Surface Are Darker than Others

Another subtle sign that your home's roof has unseen damage is when some spots on your roof's surface start appearing darker than the others. When these dark spots start showing up, this usually means that there is moisture trapped underneath the shingles and is keeping both the shingles and the wood decking beneath them wet.

If moisture is caught underneath the shingles, this means that they are no longer protecting the decking from water. It also means that the decking has most likely already started to deteriorate, and depending on how long it has been exposed to excess moisture, means that both the plywood and shingles will need replacing.

While the above signs may not seem too bad because they are hardly noticeable, they could be indicators of major unseen damage to your roof, whether the shingles have deteriorated to the point of losing their granules or moisture is trapped underneath them and rotting out the roof's decking. A roofing company can fully inspect your roof to see just how much damage it has sustained and can discuss your options for replacing either part or all of the structure if needed. Contact a company, such as The Roof Doctor, for more information. 

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