3 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Residential Roofer For Your Home

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The replacement of your roof is a major undertaking. Since the job will be a considerable investment, it's important to choose the right roofing contractor to ensure that the work is completed properly. Choosing a good residential roofer is just as crucial as the project itself because you need to find someone who will do a great job that won't require any re-work. Here are 3 questions you should ask to help you make the decision when you are hiring a residential roofer.

1) Will you remove my old roof?  

Choose a residential roofer that will remove the old roof before installing new shingles. Some roofers will insist that you'll save money and time by simply placing the new shingles over your existing roof. The problem with this approach is that you won't know if there are underlying issues beneath the old shingles unless you pull them up first. Issues such as rotten wood and damaged spots won't be revealed without taking off the shingles that are already there. While it might be a cheaper solution in the short-term, covering up the current roof could actually lead to bigger repairs later. Be sure to verify that the roofer won't be placing a new roof before getting rid of the old one.

2) How will you protect my gutters during the roof installation? 

The gutters are parts of the roof that you may not give much attention to normally, but they could suffer serious damage if the contractor isn't careful when accessing your roof. Ask the roofer to explain how they will get on to your roof to perform the work. Look for a company that will use ladder stabilizers or standoffs, both of which can support the heavyweight of the ladder away from the gutters. If the roofer fails to use a ladder stabilizer, your gutters could be completely destroyed. For this reason, confirm that the residential roofer utilizes a stabilizer to avoid any problems with your guttering system after the roof is replaced.

3) How will you handle the debris created during the project?

As the old shingles are removed, all of the resulting debris will need a place to go. A good residential roofer will bring a container along to hold the waste that is generated by the work. The contractor should also dispose of this refuse for you. It's also important to find out where the roofer intends to place the refuse container during the project. Some of the debris will be quite burdensome, so the container should be situated in a spot that won't cause any damage. For example, your driveway could crack under the pressure of the heavy container, and an alternate location will be necessary. Ask the roofer how the trash will be stored until the roof is fully replaced.

These questions will help you select the ideal residential roofer for your home to ensure that your new roof is of the best quality.


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