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Roofing for the Here and Now The roofing industry has changed quite a lot over the years. These days, homeowners are rarely opting for the standard, 3-tab shingles that were so popular a few decades ago. Instead, they are going with architectural shingles, and in some cases, with even more eco-friendly options like green roofing or slate. Whether you're shopping around for a new roof or are thinking of having repairs made to your current roof, it pays to be educated. Learn the basics on this blog, where we discuss roofing in the modern world. We explore various roofing materials, roofing techniques, and how to find the right roofer.



If you learn about some reasons why popular roofing materials have become popular ones, then you should have an easier time spotting which types would be best for your roof. At that point, you can decide which you want based on features such as their looks, cost, and durability. Your roof will be important to the exterior of your home, so choosing the one that's the best for as many of your roofing needs is important. Here are some things to know about three of the more common types of roofs: 

Clay tile roofs 

Clay tile roofs are quite popular, especially in coastal regions and areas where Southwest-style homes are popular. One reason a lot of people like them is that they add a more textured look to the exterior. This is especially great for homes that might be lacking a bit of texture. Clay tile roofs also add color in a way that manages to be both subtle and bold at the same time. If you want the look of a clay tile roof but you are really watching your budget, then you might want to go with concrete tiles because they have the same look but are more affordable. Both are durable, are fire-resistant, hold up against all types of weather, and will last for years. 

Asphalt shingle roofs 

Asphalt shingles are popular with homeowners in many regions because they have an appearance that works with just about any style of home. They come in different colors, but they don't capture much attention, allowing a person's focus to go to the home's exterior or landscaping, which the owner may have put a lot of thought into. Asphalt shingles hold up well in many types of weather. They can experience having some blow off in extreme winds, but it is easy to have them replaced. 

Slate roofs 

Slate roofs tend to cost more to have installed than many other types of roofs. However, this is one of the things that makes them preferred for certain homes, such as custom or luxury homes. Since slate is essentially a rock, it means that you can count on your roof to last you for a very long time if you choose to go with slate. This also means that your slate roof will be weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and pest-resistant. Slate comes in many styles as well, helping to give you the options needed to have a roof that helps complete the home's exterior.

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