A Rusted Metal Roof Could Be the Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Rustic Home

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If you love rustic decor or the distressed look, then a rusted metal roof might be something you'd like for your home. A rusted roof is ideal for a cabin, log home, or even a ranch house in the city. While you might find reclaimed metal panels that are rusted, those aren't the best choice since the rust will grow and eat through the metal eventually. Instead, you can consider these options.

Painted Metal Roofing

You can buy metal roofing that looks rusted even though it isn't. You might like this option if you want to ensure the metal won't undergo any type of damage due to rust. The standing seam or corrugated panels can be painted to look like galvanized steel with white speckled rust or the paint can resemble typical red rust spots and streaks.

This type of roof is durable, long-lasting, and it needs very little care. However, if the roof is gouged or scratched, you may still want to fill in the damaged area so real rust doesn't develop.

Fast Rusting Metal

You can also buy steel panels that are made so real rust won't bother them. Instead of eating through the metal, the rust forms a protective layer so the rust doesn't have to be scraped off. This provides an authentic look and the roof will develop its own unique patina over time.

Since it could take years for the roof to get covered with rust, this type of roofing is usually fast rusting. The rust can start to develop in just a few weeks so you don't have to wait too long to enjoy your rustic new roof. An advantage of real rust over painted rust is that real rust creates stains that can run down the side of your cabin or deck to further add to the rustic look.

Pre-Rusted Roofing

If you don't want to wait for your roof to rust, or if you want to know how the roof will look with rust on it, you can buy pre-rusted roofing. You can buy roofing panels made to resist damage from rusting like the fast-rusting metal, but you won't have to wait for the rust since it's already been given time to develop. This roofing is new and won't be damaged by the rust.

The other option is to buy recycled metal roofing that has rust on it from old age and weather exposure. While this might not be an ideal choice for a home, you might consider this for a shed or outbuilding for an authentic rustic and distressed look as long as it doesn't matter if the roof develops a leak.

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