Four Reasons You Might Need Roof Repair

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Knowing when to hire roof repair is crucial to keeping your home protected and safe from the elements of nature. When purchasing a new home, always have a new home roofing inspection done to make sure the roof is up to code and ready to protect your family. If there are any damages done to the roof, always have them taken care of prior to moving in. Here are a few reasons you might be in need of roof repair.

Curled Shingles

When a roof needs replacement, the state of the shingles will be a good thing to look at to know for sure whether or not repairs or replacement needs to take place. Curled shingles can be a very clear sign to the everyday eye that something is wrong with your roof. When the shingles curl, the likelihood of moisture sneaking up underneath them is increased and the chance of mold or bacteria growth is present. While curled shingles are a very easy sign to detect, there are other signs that take a professional inspection to identify.

Shingles In Gutters

Over time, the shingles can deteriorate and find their way down to the gutters on your home. The gutters can trap these granules, which appear as thick, dark sand and become clogged. When the gutters cannot properly drain, they can create water pooling issues on the roof which can lead to mold and bacteria growth. When the shingles begin to deteriorate, it is time to get roof repair services done to replace your shingles.

Leaks Inside The Home

If you experience leaks inside your home, you need to have a new roofing installation done as soon as possible. People who live in areas that experience a lot of rain might find that hail damage can lead to leaks. The sooner you repair these leaks, the better prepared you are for the next storm that might roll up. A lot of times the shingles are damaged by the hail, but the underlayment is the damaged part that leads to the leaks inside the home. If you have any damaged part of your home and live in an area that has a lot of severe weather, you need to get these problems taken care of as soon as possible so you do not have a chance for mold to grow.

Change in Monthly Bills

People who experience drastic changes in their monthly electric bills need to have a roof inspection done. If extreme heat or cold air sneaks into the home, it can make it very difficult for your HVAC system to maintain a proper temperature and lead to a change in your monthly bills.  

For more information, contact a roof repair service.

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