Roofers, Replacements, And Your Home's Curb Appeal

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Roofing for the Here and Now The roofing industry has changed quite a lot over the years. These days, homeowners are rarely opting for the standard, 3-tab shingles that were so popular a few decades ago. Instead, they are going with architectural shingles, and in some cases, with even more eco-friendly options like green roofing or slate. Whether you're shopping around for a new roof or are thinking of having repairs made to your current roof, it pays to be educated. Learn the basics on this blog, where we discuss roofing in the modern world. We explore various roofing materials, roofing techniques, and how to find the right roofer.



How can you upgrade your home's exterior without paint, bricks, or siding? Take a look at what you need to know about roofers, replacement, and curb appeal.

Will a New Roof Add Value to Your Home?

A roofing replacement can increase your home's value by more than $15,000, according to Remodeling's 2019 Cost vs. Value Report. The extent of the value added depends on several factors, including:

  • The roofing material. While popular and inexpensive, asphalt shingles tend to have the lowest added value. Metal and other options may offer a larger increase for the money you spend on the roofing project.
  • The quality of the products. Even though some materials add more value than others, higher quality building products offer a higher increase. If you're tempted to save money with cheap roofing materials, consider the money you could recoup in the long-term.
  • The installation. A high-quality professional installation adds to your home's exterior aesthetics. Roofing contractors have the expertise and experience to create a standout design that increases your property's value.

Not only can a new roof add monetary value to your home, but it can also increase the overall aesthetics. This curb appeal boost can make it easier to sell your home right now or in the future.

What Type of Replacement Should You Choose?

You're ready to increase your home's value and curb appeal. Now what? After you decide to replace the roof, it's time to choose a new option. If you're not sure which roof is right for your home, consider:

  • Cost. Again, an asphalt shingle roof is one of the least expensive options. If you have a strict home improvement budget, this type of material is an ideal alternative. But if you can spend more, a metal or tile roof may give your home the upgrade it needs.
  • Appearance. Aesthetics are the driving force behind most roof upgrades. As you decide what type of roofing material to use, think about the color, shingle style, and overall look of the roof.
  • Durability. How long will the roof last for? A concrete, clay, or other tile roof can stand up to heavy winds and wild weather. Likewise, metal materials are durable options for your next home project.
  • Life-span. A durable roof will give you years of use. Whether you plan to stay in your home or sell it, life-span is an important factor that consider before you buy a replacement roof.

Are there too many roofing choices for you to pick from on your own? Discuss the material options with a roofing contractor. The professional can guide you through this process and help you to select a product that increases your home's value and adds serious curb appeal.

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