Tips for Becoming a Certified Roofer

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If you're interested in working as a certified roofer, it's good to get your certification. Clients then will know you're a true professional and that can lead to more consistent work and better pay. Getting this certification will be a lot easier to do if you use these tips.

Gain Experience First

Getting a roof certification is only possible if you pass the official certification test. It will assess important skills and knowledge, which you can only really gain through experience. So before you even try getting your certification, it will serve you well to gain experience as a roofer. Start working for a roofing company in your area and learn the trade. You may not be able to do everything certified roofers can do, but you'll pick up valuable skills that will be needed once you are certified. The experience will pay off in dividends when you take the actual test. 

Pass the Exam

Once you have some helpful experience, you're ready to take the certification roofing test. It's important that you prepare for this exam strategically so that you have no issues passing it the first time. Fortunately, there are plenty of study guides online that you can use to learn everything that will be covered. These guides may cost money, but at least they'll prepare you for things like roofing materials, tools, techniques, and safety protocol. You might also work with someone that has past experience taking this exam. They can break down the format and show you what sort of material to cover.

Submit Correct Documentation

Once you pass the certification exam, you can now apply to the state licensing board. You'll need to submit the right documents to gain your certification, though. Things you'll need include the results of the test, personal identification, roofing background, and credit checks. Once you submit this information off to the correct party according to your state's regulations, you'll receive your certification. That will help tremendously with your roofing career. Just make sure you renew your certification at the right times so that you can always show clients you have this special and important credential. 

Working as a roofer can be a lucrative career filled with a lot of fun and memorable projects. You can set your roofing career up for success in a big way by getting a certification. Getting this credential isn't that difficult as long as you look into your state's requirements and prepare appropriately. 

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