3 Ways Heat Can Lead To A Need For New Commercial Roof Installations

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If you own a commercial property in an area that has a hot climate or experiences sunny summers, you might appreciate the weather. However, you may not realize the potentially damaging effects that heat can have on commercial roofing systems.

Many commercial property owners assume that their biggest weather concerns involve inclement weather that may involve severe issues such as high winds. They do not realize that heat and UV rays can also negatively impact the integrity of their roofs. Roof maintenance is an essential part of improving the odds of roofs lasting at or beyond their projected lifecycles. However, in the case of circumstances that are outside of anyone's control, premature commercial roof replacements may be inevitable.

You can minimize the risks of premature roof replacements by keeping up with routine roof inspections. Roofing contractors can also make repairs to noted damages. This may extend the life of your commercial roof. The following are potential damages your commercial roof may have due to excessive heat exposure.


Heavy objects such as tree limbs and flying debris are not the only things that can exert pressure on rooftops. Repeated exposure to excessive temperatures can also put pressure on commercial roofing systems. This can leave certain components of these systems susceptible to loosening and shifting.

Expansion and Contraction

Heat is known to cause the expansion of certain materials, and when cooling occurs, expanded materials contract. This repeated cycle can eventually impact the integrity of roof materials. The resulting damages will likely not be noticeable at ground level leaving them undetected until something such as a roof leak or a collapse in roofing materials occurs. damages caused by heat expansion may initially appear as superficial damages such as cracks on roof materials.


Your air conditioning system is likely located on your commercial rooftop. This is a common location. The AC system will naturally produce water, and it can lead to roofing issues. You can avoid serious damages by ensuring that you do not neglect your roof maintenance and inspections.

Moisture can lead to roof damages that can make your commercial property unsafe. Roof damages that can be attributed to prolonged moisture exposure are leaks, algae and mold growth, and water ponding which can deteriorate certain roof materials.

A commercial roofer may be able to offer suggestions that can result in longer-lasting roofing system options. These upgrade recommendations may include suggestions to change the type of roofing material when you get your new commercial roof. For example, they might recommend metal roof materials instead of asphalt materials.

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