Roof Damage and Shingle Repairs: A Guide to Locating and Repairing Hidden Leaks

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Damage to your roof can be difficult to see and repair. When there are hidden leaks, shingles need to be repaired. Before the repairs can be done, you are going to need to pinpoint the damage to know where water is getting in. The following shingle repair guide will help you locate and repair leaks before the damage to your home gets bad:

Install Temporary Tarps for Severe Damage

The first thing that you need to do is stop the water from getting in. If it is going to be a while before shingle repairs can be done, install a tarp by tacking it with roofing nails beneath shingle tabs. Try to make sure that any holes you make in shingles are beneath the tabs of shingles. When the repairs are finished, and the tarp is removed, you will need to patch these nails with a dab of roofing cement to ensure they do not leak.

Replace the Torn or Missing Shingles

The shingles on your roof can sometimes be torn or missing, and need to be replaced. If there are missing shingles due to wind damage, there are probably pieces beneath the shingle tabs that need to be removed first. Gently, the nails need to be removed, and the empty space where the shingle goes needs to be clean. After the space is clean and ready, a new shingle can be slid in the hole and nailed.

Removing Nails That Puncture Shingles

Remove the nails you that have damaged the shingles before you begin with repairs. These fasteners may need to be replaced while doing the repairs. Therefore, you should know how to nail the shingles or decking without causing too much damage to your roofing. Next, replace the nails that are removed, and you will be ready to patch the shingles.

Patching Holes and Punctures

The shingles could also have holes and punctures that need to be fixed. The holes and punctures in shingles can be caused by things like nails, tree debris, and old repairs. To patch these holes, you will want to put a dab of roofing cement on them to make sure the damaged area of the shingle is sealed. When you do your routine roof inspections, remember where these repairs are. You will want to check them and apply new roofing cement if they begin to dry or wear.

Finding the leaks is the first step in repairing the damage to your roof. Contact a shingle repair company for help with fixing the roof to prevent severe problems with damage in the attic or inside your home.

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