4 Things To Know About Installing Asphalt Shingles On Your Roof

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If you are thinking about replacing the asphalt shingle tiles on your roof, it is important to know how to properly install the shingles. There are certain steps you should follow when installing a new roof.

Thing #1: Use Strong Decking

Make sure you use strong decking as a base for your roof. For an asphalt shingle roof, the best decking is either oriented strand board or plywood sheathing. Any plywood sheathing you use should be construction-grade plywood.

Both types of sheathing are strong and will provide your roof with a good foundation. You want your roof to have a solid foundation in order to prevent damage to your roof.

Thing #2: Use the Right Installation Pattern

When it comes to installing asphalt shingles on your roof, there is an installation pattern that most roofers follow. In general, roofers will install the shingles going left to right. Then, they will install the tiles going from the bottom of your roof, working up towards the top of the roof.

You are going to want to work from the eave line to the peak of the roof. Following this installation process will allow you to make sure that your shingles don't overlap and will allow you to follow a pattern that you can stick to.

Thing #3: Work Through One Bundle At a Time

When installing the shingles, you are going to want to work on one bundle at a time. The truth is, even when you purchase multiple bundles at the same time, there can still be some variations in colors between each bundle.

Using all the shingles from one bundle at a time will help keep the colors flowing smoothly.

Thing #4: Install Flashing on the Seams and Valleys

It is important to install flashing on both the seams and the valleys of your roof. The valleys and seams are where most leaks occur on a roof, which is why you need to make sure you reinforce these areas with flashing.

As you are installing asphalt shingles, you should install aluminum flashing over these areas. Aluminum works well with asphalt and provides the right level of support and protection from leaks.

When it comes to replacing your roof and installing new asphalt shingles, you can always hire a roofing contractor to take on the job for you. They will make sure your new roofing shingles are installed correctly and will charge you a fair price for the installation process.

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