Myths About Foundation Issues And Repair

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When you are a homeowner, it can be scary to think about having to deal with big repair issues like problems with your foundation. If you think that you have foundation issues, your immediate reaction may be to freak out and get worried, but there are a lot of myths surrounding foundation repair that may be making you more nervous than is necessary. 

Myth: Only Old Foundations Need to Be Repaired

One of the common misconceptions about foundation repair is that you will only ever have to have your foundation repaired if you live in an old house. Although older houses seem to be much more susceptible to settling and foundation issues, there are plenty of newer builds that suffer from foundation issues as well. For instance, some new builds that are built on sand or clay are more likely to settle quickly, which can result in foundation cracks in the basement. 

Myth: Foundation Repair Is a Big Deal

When people think of foundation repair, they may envision the worst: their house on stilts. Although there are some really extensive forms of foundation repair, that's not always the case. In fact, a lot of foundation repairs are done with some simple solutions such as just patching the cracks. How bad the foundation damage is and which method of repair your specialists are going with will determine how long it will take to fix everything. 

Myth: Foundation Issues Means Your House Is Falling Apart

It is true that your home sits on your foundation, and without your foundation, your house certainly would fall apart. However, just because you have a damaged foundation, it doesn't mean your house is going to crumble. While foundation issues should be repaired immediately and taken seriously, it's good to know that once they are repaired that you won't have to worry about your house's support. 

Myth: You Won't Know Your Foundation Needs to Be Repaired Without an Inspection

There are a lot of signs that your foundation is settling and shifting, including floors that are starting to sag and doorframes and windows that look a little bit crooked. When your foundation starts to settle, it can cause a variety of issues in your house, including all of these things that cause shifting to occur. 

As you can see, if you need to have your foundation repaired, it is an easy possibility that will help your house stop settling. To learn more, reach out to a foundation repair contractor near you. 

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