Commercial Roof Replacement To Addressing Problems And Improving Building Design With Your Roofing Investment

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When you have to have the roof of your business replaced, this is a good opportunity to improve the roof design to reduce wear and improve the energy design of your property. You will want to address issues with poor drainage, choose the best roofing system for your building, and decide on energy solutions for the rooftop. The following commercial roof replacement guide will help you decide on these improvements for your business when you need to invest in a new roof:

Inspections For Problems With The Existing Roof Design, Wear and Damage To Your Property

The first thing that you will want to do is to inspect the existing roof structure for problems with the design. Some of the areas where you will want to look for existing roof design problems include:

  • Dips and puddling
  • Watermarks due to old damage
  • Excessive wear due to runoff concentrated in one area
  • Large watermarks around drainage grates due to poor drain system design

2. Improving The Roof Watershed and Drainage System Design To Keep Your Business Dry

The biggest problem with commercial roofs is the common flat roof design. These types of roofs need to have good watershed and drainage to prevent wear and damage. Therefore, one of the areas where you may want to invest in improvements is updating the watershed and drainage system to ensure water does not puddle on the roof of your business and cause costly damage.

3. Choosing The Right Roofing Materials To Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Maintenance Costs

When it comes to the type of materials that you install on your roof, there are many different options, and you want materials that work the best for energy efficiency and the needs of your business. Some of the commercial roofing materials to consider for your roof replacement include:

  • Spray foam with roof coating finish
  • Modern roofing membrane with light cool colors for energy savings
  • Heat-welded roofing and asphalt roof alternatives

4. Additional Commercial Roof Features To Reduce Wear and Provide Your Business With Better Energy Solutions

There are also additional roofing features that you will want to consider to improve the design of your roof. This can include things like maintenance paths as well as energy features like solar roofing to improve the energy systems of your business and reduce operating costs with your investment in new roofing.

These are some of the options that you will want to consider investing in when you need a new roof for your business. If you are ready to install a new roof on your business, contact a commercial roof replacement service and talk to them about these improvements when you have the new roofing installed. Look online at websites like to learn more. 

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