Three Reasons Why You Need A Roof Repair

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As a homeowner, it's your responsibility to keep an eye on your roof so you can catch issues before the damage becomes extensive or begins to affect the interior of your home. Knowing the three most common reasons why a roof may need a major repair can help you know what to look for when monitoring your roof's overall health.

1) Weather Damage

Storms can damage a roof directly or indirectly. Direct damage occurs from hail, blown off shingles, and snow weight damage. Indirect problems include damages from debris, such as falling tree branches, or leaks related to the formation of ice dams. Wind pulls up shingles and damages flashing, while hail knocks the gravel off of the shingles and weakens them. Debris can puncture holes in the roof or tear and break shingles. Snow can melt and freeze beneath shingles, lifting them, or cause portions of the roof to sink due to the excess weight.

2) Pest Destruction

Animals, birds, and insects can all cause major problems on your roof. Raccoons and small mammals like squirrels can pull up shingles and make holes in the roof and eaves in an attempt to gain access to the attic. Birds often pull out soffit vent covers or widen cracks in the eaves to create a safe space for their nests. Bird nests and droppings on the roof can also cause damages to shingles and other rooftop items. Insects like wasps and bees often find small openings in the roof to gain access into the attic or walls, where they then build a nest or hive. Not only do you not want any of these pests in your home, their activities can cause damage to the roof and to the interior of your home.

3) Deterioration

Deterioration occurs due to one of two reasons -- aging or neglect. An aging roof will show it's age. Shingles may lose granules and begin to curl and crack. Flashing often corrodes or becomes warped. Cupping and the formation of depressions on the shingles is also common on older roofs. Neglect can also lead to these problems and more. For example, failing to clean moss off the roof can lead to trapped moisture, which causes shingles to age even more quickly. Overflowing gutters that are rarely cleaned can also speed up the deterioration of your roof. Basic maintenance and planning for necessary repairs and replacement is required for a long lasting roof.

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