4 Things To Know About Repairing Hail Damage To Your Roof

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Asphalt roofs can often withstand a typical summer hailstorm, but when the hailstones are large, the roof destruction can be extensive. If you can see dents from hail in the metal parts of your roof, then your shingles are probably damaged too. The shingles should be inspected from the roof by a contractor so repairs can be done in time to file an insurance claim. Here are four things to know about hail damage to asphalt shingle roofs.

1. New Roofs Can Be Damaged Too

While old roofs sustain all kinds of damage more easily than a new roof, if the hail is large enough, a brand new roof can be destroyed too. Hail damage is usually not covered under a roof warranty. Instead, if you want to file an insurance claim, you'll need to do so through your homeowner's policy. Getting timely repairs is important because your new roof warranty might become void if you don't have hail damage repaired, which often means you'll need a roof replacement.

2. Hail Strikes Look Like Black Spots

Hail damage is often hard to see. That's why the shingles need to be inspected up close from the roof. The damage usually looks like dark spots on the shingles. When hail hits, it knocks off the granules and makes the hit spot look different from the surrounding area. Initially, the hit area has a shiny appearance, but the dark spot weathers with age. A new and old hail mark look different from each other, and that's how an insurance company can tell if you have old damage you should have repaired before when deciding whether to honor a claim.

3. You May Need A New Roof After Hail Damage

A heavy hailstorm peppers your roof with ice balls, so nearly every shingle will probably have damage, at least on one side of your roof. Since the damage is so widespread, putting on a new roof is often the best way to make repairs. Having this work done is important since the dark spots may start leaking in the months ahead due to the loss of granules and damage to the shingles. Metal flashing might have to be replaced too.

4. Repairs May Not Be Quick

If you're working on a claim with your insurance company and many homes in your area had hail damage too, the process for repairing your roof might take a long time. If your roof is already leaking, the roofer might put a tarp over the roof while you wait. Damage from hail doesn't always leak right away, so you might have enough time to go through the process of clearing your insurance claim and waiting in line for a new roof before your roof starts leaking.

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