Get Ready For Your Roofing Installation With These Four Tips

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If you're having an asphalt roof replaced for the first time, you may be excited about the process and wondering what to expect. You've probably seen new roofs go on other homes in your neighborhood, but if you've never experienced a roofing installation yourself, you may be surprised that the process is noisy and somewhat dusty. It's good to prepare in advance for your roofing installation. Your roofing contractor will give you tips on how to prepare. Here are some things you may need to do.

1. Cover Belongings In Your Attic 

If your roof is over an attic you use for storage, you may want to cover your boxes and other items with sheets or tarps so they don't get coated with dust or debris from the installation process. Since your attic is right under all the hammering and nailing, there will be strong vibrations that could shake valuables. If you have fragile items in storage, you may want to move them to a lower floor.

2. Clear Space For The Dumpster

Your roofer will park a dumpster near your home so the crew can toss old shingles in as they are torn off. The dumpster might be delivered a day before work begins and stay for a few days. You may need to find other arrangements for parking your cars if you have a small driveway. If the dumpster is parked in front of your garage, you might not be able to use it until work is complete and the dumpster is hauled away.

3. Plan To Stay Out Of The Way

You may want to talk with the roofer or crew occasionally, but it's best to stay out of the way of a roofing installation. This also goes for kids and pets. You don't want to distract the roofers while they're working and slow down progress, and you don't want to be in the way and get hurt if something falls off the roof.

4. Be Patient With Weather Delays

Your roofer may schedule your roof installation weeks in advance, so it's always possible the weather won't cooperate. The roofing crew can't work when it's raining or if there is a threat of lightning, so weather delays are always a possibility. Although you may be in a hurry to get the disruption to your life over, you want the roof to be installed without any errors. Allowing the crew to do their job safely and efficiently is important, and it may require patience on your part.

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